Connect to Art 诺基亚


Institution: Nokia
Materials: Digital Video

Three 30 second video art pieces created for the Nokia Connect to Art project. Please visit the Nokia Website to download videos to your Nokia phone.

Computer technology has made possible images of incomparable beauty, yet I prefer the hand-drawn quality that cartoons of my childhood possess.

There is a rule regarding “art”: only creation without function can be considered art. But I really like the Connect to Art project, because the work has utility. The works will be as portable as the devices they are on; the art will permeate a limitless space. And every time we interact with technology, exchange takes place on the level of the soul.

Work Descriptions.

Flight: Birds don’t like that we have used this mark to represent them.

Growth: Chinese is fascinating in that drawing, painting and writing can be one and the same.

Return: Birds don’t have an opportunity to refuse their human explanation.