Xu Bing Gave a Speech at The Third Multiverse ---Sponsored by Ciweigongshe

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Xu Bing Gave a Speech at The Third Multiverse ---Sponsored by Ciweigongshe

Xu Bing was invited as a guest speaker in the third Multiverse by Ciweigongshe held in Beijing on December 19, 2019.


The conference attracted more than 1,000 visitors, and they reviewed the content industry in 2019 with "the New Content Explorers". At the conference, Xu Bing shared the meaning behind his artworks with the audience from "Book from the Ground", "Book from the Ground - Pop-up Book" and "Square Word Calligraphy" as examples. Through the symbols collected in the "Book from the Ground", he reflected on the course that human takes in the era of digital image. The sponsor believed that no matter whether the world is harsh or smooth, there are always people who are exploring the chaos and the unknown, finding the way of new expressions and expressive texts, and presenting imaginative and high-quality content."Book from the Ground" written by symbols, and "Square Word Calligraphy” in English with Chinese calligraphy seemed to have the same view with the theme of the conference.


The promotional article of the sponsor Ciweigongshe described Xu Bing as follows: “The pace of traditional languages has not kept up with the new generation. In the meantime, the intrinsic form of artistic expression cannot hold Xu Bing anymore, as he is exploring his own expression.”