Exhibition — Overlaid: Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing) 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Tokyo_Gallery_Poster.jpgOverlaid: Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing) 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Duration: May 4th, 2022 - June 30th, 2022

Exhibition Venue: Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing)

Exhbited work: The Seven-character Poetry Collection of Small Enterprises

In 2002, Japan-based Tokyo Gallery became the first foreign gallery of repute to find foothold in 798 Art District by founding Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing). For its inaugural exhibition, Feng Boyi was invited to curate the show Beijing: Ukiyo-e, which would prove to become the first contemporary art exhibition ever held in 798 Art District. This year, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing), we’ve once again invited Feng Boyi to curate a show entitled Overlaid: Tokyo Gallery +BTAP (Beijing) 20th Anniversary Exhibition, which is part of the line-up of this year’s Gallery Weekend Beijing (GWBJ 2022).

On a curatorial level, certain prescriptions and restrictions are in place. For the opening on May 4th, works by 7 artists will be put on display first. Among them, pre-existing works by Xu Bing, Sui Jianguo and artist duo Liu Sola + Yu Jie will act as a springboard for Song Dong, Zhang Xiaotao and Zhan Wang to base original creations on. Then, each week from May 12th through June 8th, two artists will draw direct inspiration from the previous artists’ exhibited works, alternately creating new artworks are related to those works as they see fit, much like one would do in the game of solitaire. This will then culminate in 17 completed artworks, to remain on show at Tokyo Gallery + BTAP for a three-week period.

Xu Bing's The Seven-character Poetry Collection of Small Enterprises will be on display until June 30th, 2022.